SLSS cover with borderThe Snow Leopard Survival Strategy (SLSS) is a document developed through the cooperation and collaboration of many individual and organizational members of the Snow Leopard Network.

The membership includes leading snow leopard experts in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.



The SLSS aims:

  • to summarize current knowledge on the distribution, status and biology of the snow leopard
  • to consolidate the knowledge of snow leopard researchers and conservationists worldwide
  • to identify the key threats to their survival, review the existing state of research and conservation programs, and identify priorities for action.

The specific goals of SLSS are to:

  • Assess and prioritize threats to snow leopard across their range
  • Define and prioritize appropriate conservation, education, and policy measures to alleviate threats
  • Prioritize topics for snow leopard research and identify viable and preferred research methods.

The SLSS 2014.1 is available on this website and as a downloadable PDF.

The website of the SLSS 2014.1  is a ‘living document,’ and will be continuously reviewed and updated to reflect current knowledge and conservation status of the snow leopard.

Background to the development of the SLSS

The Snow Leopard Trust initiated the SLSS process in February 2001 with a survey of specialists. The survey results were made available on a website and discussed via an email group. This stage was followed by the Snow Leopard Survival Summit, held in Seattle, USA, 21-26 May 2002, and attended by 58 specialists, including representatives from the range states, to discuss and refine the Strategy. The end product was the original version of the SLSS (McCarthy & Chapron 2003).

The Summit also established the Snow Leopard Network (SLN), a global alliance of more than 500 professionals and nearly 50 institutions involved in snow leopard conservation. The SLN later produced a summary and partially revised version of the SLSS (Mallon 2007) in English, Chinese, Mongolian and Russian. All earlier versions are available on the SLN website.

SLSS Editorial Review Committee and Updating Policy

Over the coming weeks an Editorial Review Committee will be established. The role of that Committee will be to oversee all future updates and edits of the Snow Leopard Survival Strategy.  New research, reports and information are welcomed.

Until the Editorial Review Committee is established please send all correspondence to  Sibylle Noras,  Steering Committee Member, Snow Leopard Network and Founder Saving Snow Leopards Report at  –  sibyllenoras@yahoo.com.au


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