SLSS 2014.1 Chapters


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Review of Current Status

Chapter 3: Threats to Snow Leopards, their Prey and Ecosystems

Chapter 4: Livestock Competition, Rangeland and Prey Declines

Chapter 5: Livestock Depredation

Chapter 6: Illegal Trade

Chapter 7: Climate Change

Chapter 8: Large-scale Infrastructure, Mining and Linear Barriers

Chapter 9: Conservation Actions

Chapter 10: Protected Areas

Chapter 11: Transboundary Cooperation

Chapter 12: Ecosystem Services and Economic Valuation of Snow Leopards and Their Mountain Ecosystem

Chapter 13: Snow Leopard Conservation through Hunting of Prey Species

Chapter 14: Estimating Snow Leopard and Prey Populations and Monitoring Trends

Appendix 1: List of completed and ongoing studies which have estimated snow leopard populations using camera trapping and fecal genetics

Appendix 2: Threats table compiled as part of the GSLEP process.

Appendix 3: Protected areas (PA) with confirmed or potential snow leopard occurrence

Appendix 4. List of Protected Areas (PAs) occurring along international borders: