Snow Leopard NetworkAbout the Snow Leopard Survival Strategy 2014.1

The Snow Leopard Survival Strategy 2014.1 was developed by the Snow Leopard Network to summarize current knowledge on the distribution, status and biology of the snow leopard, to consolidate the knowledge of snow leopard researchers and conservationists worldwide, to identify the key threats to their survival, review the existing state of research and conservation programs, and identify priorities for action. It was published in PDF format in October 2014. You can download the PDF here.

Editorial Review Committee and Updating Policy

The SLSS 2014.1 website is intended as a “living document” to be updated with new and relevant research and conservation information as required. An Editorial Review Committee will be formed shortly. The role of that Committee will be to oversee all future updates and edits of the Snow Leopard Survival Strategy.  New research, reports and information is welcomed.

Until the Editorial Review Committee is established please send all correspondence to  Sibylle Noras, Member, Steering Committee Snow Leopard Network and Founder Saving Snow Leopards Report at sibyllenoras@yahoo.com.au

About the Snow Leopard Network

The Snow Leopard Network is a worldwide organization dedicated to facilitating the exchange of information between individuals around the world for the purpose of snow leopard conservation.

Our membership includes leading snow leopard experts in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.


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