2016 SL Conservation Grants

The Snow Leopard Network is pleased to announce the 2016 Call for Proposals for the Snow Leopard Conservation Grants Program. This grants program is designed to support conservation, research and conservation education efforts on snow leopards that addresses the priority needs identified in the Snow Leopard Survival Strategy 2014.1 (SLSS).

A PDF of the SLSS can be downloaded here.

Proposals focusing on grassroots conservation, conservation education or applied research will be viewed preferentially. Projects which clearly demonstrate and refer to priority needs identified in the SLSS (2014.1) Threat Analysis, and whose objectives will lead to positive outcomes for long-term snow leopard survival, have the best chance of receiving support or a sound explanation.

ELIGIBILITY: The Snow Leopard Conservation Grants Program is open to all applicants. One proposal per applicant will be considered. Previous grantees are welcome to reapply, but the application will be considered only if they have submitted their final reports for all previous grants received.

Applicants should be:

  • researchers, students, educators, or conservation practitioners and qualifying NGOs from a snow leopard range country,
  • international professionals working closely with, or hosted by, range-country counterparts,
  • post-graduates of any nationality pursuing a higher degree and whose proposals are
  • compatible with needs identified in the SLSS document.


Awards will vary from $1,000 to $8,000, although we expect most grants to be of $5,000 or less.

The Snow Leopard Conservation Grants Program will NOT support:

  • Salaries
  • conferences
  • tuition
  • overhead costs
  • travel to scientific meetings
  • vehicle purchase
  • construction of permanent field stations
  • captive breeding
  • expeditions without clear scientific methods and merit
  • rescue of orphan or ill wildlife

Although salaries will not be funded, applicants with limited support may request reasonable per-diem expenses. Reasonable student stipends will also be considered.


Proposals will be judged on a competitive basis. Applications will be evaluated by our Grant Review Panel, and judged on:

  • Relevance to snow leopard conservation
  • Scientific and/or conservation merit
  • Relative value or cost-effectiveness   
  • involves collaboration with local partners


Traditional sign surveys, usually using the SLIMS methodology are acceptable as part of presence/absence surveys, particularly in new areas or those that have not been surveyed for a long period of time. However, SLIMS is no longer considered as a viable monitoring tool for estimating snow leopard abundance, and proposals that rely on this as the primary tool for snow leopard abundance estimation will only be considered if it is within a more robust framework such as occupancy surveys, or conducted in conjunction with scat genetics analysis or camera trap based surveys.


The grant application process will be two-phased. A three-page proposal summary form – 2016 SL Conservation Grants Proposal Summary Form must be submitted electronically no later than 25 July 2015. Please fill in all the sections in the accompanying form adhering to the prescribed word limits. Applications that do not use this form will not be considered.

Each proposal should be accompanied by electronic letters of support by two referees known to the applicant.

The support letters should focus on the feasibility and conservation significance of the proposed work, and the applicant’s ability to lead the proposed project. Applications without support letters will not be considered.

The referees should not be directly involved in the proposed project, and should not belong to the applicant’s institution. The Grant Review Panel will announce its decision on 25 August, 2015 and successful applicants will be invited to develop full proposals for the next phase of the competitive process. Full proposals are due no later than 1 October, 2015. Final selection for funding will be completed and awards announced by 15 November, 2015.

Funds will be distributed shortly after 15 December, 2015.

Completed Proposal Summaries or questions should be sent to: grants@snowleopardnetwork.org


25 July 2015:

Proposal summary (using attached form only) must be sent by email. We will not be able to consider late proposals, proposals not submitted using the attached form, or proposals exceeding the specified length (2 pages). Proposals must be in English.

25 August 2015:

Results of the first phase will be announced. Selected applicants will be invited to prepare a full proposal. Instructions for full proposal format will be provided.

1 October 2015:

Invited applicants should submit full proposals by this date. Late proposals will not be considered.

15 November 2015:

Proposals selected for funding will be announced.

15 December 2015:

Funds available for disbursement.

1 July 2016:

Grantees submit progress report.

15 January 2017:

Grantees submit final report